Wisconsin Law Review: Call for Submissions!

Posted by Danielle A. Johnson, community karma 27
The Wisconsin Law Review is now accepting submissions for its Volume 2023 fall issues. Please submit your articles through Scholastica. Further questions should be directed to Danielle A. Johnson, Senior Articles Editor, at wlrsae_law@wisc.edu.

We look forward to reading your manuscripts!

Danielle A. Johnson
Senior Articles Editor
Wisconsin Law Review

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Harvey Gilmore, community karma 17299

I just sent you an article that looks at the continuing drama over the 2020 presidential election. It's called: "Donald Trump Presents" 'Alternative Facts...I Won, Dammit!' "

It is a serio-comic look at Trump and his toadies still pitching the lie that he was somehow robbed of a second term along with how it impacted the 2022 midterm elections. I hope you like it.

Regards and thanks,
Harvey J. Gilmore
over 1 year ago
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