UMKC Law Review Call for Submissions: The Arc of Race in Professional & Collegiate Sports

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The UMKC Law Review is pleased to announce a call for submissions relating to the arc of race in professional & collegiate sports. Selected papers will be published in the Special Topics Symposium, Spring 2023 edition of the UMKC Law Review.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, Kansas City Athletics, and other institutional and independent partners will host and sponsor the 2022 Sports Law Symposium titled “The Arc of Race in Professional & Collegiate Sports.” The Sports Law Symposium is planned to occur in September 2022 (specific date to be determined). The symposium will focus on a range of issues surrounding race and other identity characteristics in professional and collegiate sports industries, including (1) race norming and the NFL concussion settlement & claims process, (2) the intersection of race & gender in mental health of professionals & collegiate athletes, (3) race norming in medical treatment & clinical diagnostics and what it means for litigation, (4) the intersection of race and gender in professional and collegiate sports hiring, (5) race and gender in name, image, and likeness issues surrounding collegiate sports, and (6) the unfairness of the NFL concussion settlement ignoring families of players who died with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), affecting players of all races.

The issue of race continues to be at the forefront of our nation’s conscious and, with the celebration of the 50-years since enactment of Title IX, so does both gender equity and racial gender equity. The UMKC Law Review is inviting proposals for papers exploring the above and other related topics for publication in the UMKC Law Review during the Spring of 2023.

This symposium will be the fourth issue of UMKC Law Review’s 91st Volume and will explore these and related topics with the goal of both advancing awareness and influencing public policy. Articles and essays of all lengths and papers by single authors or multiple authors are invited. Preference will be given to works between 5,000 and 25,000 words. To be accepted for publication, articles must not have been previously published. Final papers will be due in late September 2022.

Proposals for papers should be submitted by April 18, 2022 to the attention of:
            Benjamin Wietharn at – (Editor); 
            Kate Johnson at – (Editor); or 
            Mallory Denzl at – (Editor).

Proposals should include the following information:
          Contact information 
          CV Proposed title of paper 
          Anticipated wordcount as either an article or essay 
          Abstract or brief description of the topic

Questions may be addressed to Benjamin Wietharn (

For registration or additional information related to the Sports Law Symposium, please click the following link: