UC Law Journal of Race and Economic Justice (JREJ) Seeks Articles on Race, Law and Political Economy in Education

Posted by David Imhoff, community karma 47

To mark the 70th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the UC Law Journal of Race & Economic Justice (JREJ) invites submissions for articles and student notes focusing on the intersections of race, law, and political economy in the context of education. Submissions will be considered for publication in our forthcoming issue (Vol. 22, No. 1). 

In anticipation of our Fall 2024 symposium in partnership with the UC Law SF Center for Racial & Economic Justice on the same topic, we are particularly interested in submissions that spotlight the role of fines and fees in perpetuating racial and class inequality in the public school system. However, not all submissions must focus on this topic; we also strongly encourage and welcome submissions on related issues that address racial and economic injustice in education through the lens of racial capitalism and social, racial, gender and economic justice. We also continue to welcome submissions germane to our journal’s broader focus on lawyering for racial and economic justice. 

We strongly encourage submissions from authors of color and members of other marginalized communities. Practitioner perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches to these issues are also encouraged and welcomed. We welcome submissions from students and scholars associated with any institution.  

Manuscripts and student notes can be submitted through our Scholastica page. For any questions regarding articles, please contact David Imhoff, Executive Editor of Acquisitions at davidimhoff@uclawsf.edu. For any questions about student notes, please contact Addison Lyons at addisonl@uclawsf.edu. JREJ reviews submissions on an ongoing basis.

Thank you!