The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy is calling for articles!

Posted by Paige Southworth, community karma 27

The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy (THJLP) is calling for articles for Volume 28.

The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy is a student-run organization that seeks to inform scholars, judges, practitioners, and organizations about issues concerning Latinx people in an effort to improve Latinx legal representation. The Journal publishes academic articles and essays with  the focal point of the Journal being Latinx legal issues, although this is not a constraining boundary. The Journal’s editors and staff aim to fulfill these needs by concentrating on groundbreaking articles that will promote conversations and the creation of a forum open to all views.

Kindly submit relevant articles to THJLP via Scholastica or via email ( Additional information regarding the Journal and submissions is available on THJLP’s website ( Questions may be directed to the following email address: