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Dear Scholastica Community,

The Buffalo Law Review is pleased to announce articles are now invited and welcomed for the Spring 2023 cycle! 

The Buffalo Law Review is the flagship, general interest legal publication of the University at Buffalo, publishing topics of contemporary legal significance. In fulfilling our mission, we seek pieces that can be used not just in footnotes by judges, but by people working under and for the law.  

The Buffalo Law Review publishes five issues per year with each issue containing articles from scholars, practitioners, and judges. The Review welcomes your work! 

Our team at the Buffalo Law Review anticipates your work and the opportunity to collaborate with you throughout the publication process and to publish your work for the advancement of the legal community at large.


Miriam Trojanovic
Buffalo Law Review Executive Editor

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Miriam Trojanovic, community karma 10215
Buffalo Law Review is reviewing articles now for the Spring 2023 Submission Cycle! Buffalo Law Review welcomes academics, practitioners, and scholars to share their legal scholarship to be considered for publication in the University at Buffalo's flagship legal journal which has been on an upward trend over the last years!

Our Executive and Editorial teams are passionate to work with authors and put in our best work to publish your best scholarship. In our desire to contribute to an evolving national legal environment, we seek diverse pieces to reflect our growing legal field today. 

We are grateful for your interest, your dedication, and your collaboration. We look forward to advancing the law with you! 
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