Northwestern Law Journal des Refusés: Call for Submissions

Posted by Caroline Radell, community karma 27
The Northwestern Law Journal des Refuses is seeking submissions for our Spring 2024 Print Issue! NLJR publishes intellectually diverse and interdisciplinary articles which span a wide breadth of disciplines and schools of thoughts. With an eye towards accessibility to the public, interdisciplinary and intersectional academic inquiry, and thought diversity in all forms, NLJR seeks to capture the authentic relationship between the letter of the law and the ways in which it governs in practice. 

NLJR has no formal 
length or citation requirements. The thread throughout the Spring 2024 issue is rejection of legal field norms. In that vein, NLJR encourages the submission of scholarship less likely to be published in a more traditional legal journal (whether due to length, nontraditional citation strategy, highly progressive/controversial topics, or similar).