Final Call for Submissions- Loyola University Chicago International Law Review

Posted by Darlene Burker, community karma 33

Loyola University Chicago's International Law Review (ILR) invites legal scholars and practitioners to submit manuscripts to be considered for publication in the Spring 2023 issue, 19(2) Loy. U. Chi. Int'l L. Rev. Below, we describe the issue's thematic scope and the submission procedure.

In this issue, submissions may address the Spring 2023 Symposium topic of “American Religious Freedom and the Rise of Nationalism: Applying Lessons from Abroad”. Through this topic, we hope to explore international perspectives on how religion and religious ideals affect the American legal system. Topics with a comparative aspect (i.e., comparing the effect of religion on the law in the U.S. with a foreign nation) are welcomed. While other topics surrounding the idea of religion’s impact on laws and legal systems may be considered, preference will be given to articles addressing the above-described topic.

If you are interested, then please submit your relevant manuscript and current resumé/curriculum vitae (including contact information) through Scholastica or to We are only considering authors who have a JD or an equivalent degree (Please note: We are unable to consider work from students currently enrolled in JD or equivalent programs.) Each submission must be between 30-45 pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font, with 1” margins, and contain more than 150 citations. The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. (US CST), and we anticipate communicating our decisions by mid-December 2022.

About ILR

ILR is a semi-annual journal that focuses on current issues in both international and comparative law. The journal is directed towards students, scholars, and practitioners in the international legal community, and contributes to the general body of knowledge through articles on important legal and social developments. Loyola law students edit, manage, and publish the journal, including a yearly symposium issue (published each winter) in which established scholars and practitioners contribute articles focusing on topics from the prior spring's annual symposium. Recent symposia have explored topics like international climate governance, race and COVID-19, and gender and armed conflict.