Call for Submissions: UC Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly (Volume 49 - issues 3 and 4)

Posted by Alexander Vicas, community karma 69
The Hastings Constitutional Quarterly is currently accepting submissions for issues 3 and 4 of our Volume 49. We invite a professors, students, and academics writing on a range of constitutional issues to apply 

As we finalize the manuscripts for Issue 3, and look ahead to Issue 4, we are looking for manuscripts that deal with constitutional issues related to the following topics: COVID-19, protest rights, policing, takings, federalism, prison issues, criminal justice reform, criminal law, technology and policing, equity, minimum due process rights, or anything related to diversity and the law to name a few.  

Please submit all manuscripts by by 1/12 through Scholastica, and feel free to email the Acquisitions team at with any questions you might have. We are hoping to fill out our remaining two issues expeditiously and prefer concise articles. 

NOTE: please do NOT submit your manuscript through email; we have a strong preference for manuscripts submitted through Scholastica. 

We at Hastings CLQ prize diverse scholarship that highlights a multitude of perspectives. Please submit your article, regardless of its fit in the above issues, if you believe you bring such a perspective. 


Thank you!