Call for Submissions: The International Journal of Law, Ethics, and Technology Summer 2022

Posted by Liu Ben, community karma 41
The International Journal of Law, Ethics, and Technology currently accepts submissions. Submissions should be made electronically through Scholastica. 

The International Journal of Law, Ethics, and Technology is designed to understand all matters relating to the law. While the Journal emphasizes theoretical work and broad issues arising from law to technology, no topic of legal interest and no approach to scholarship is excluded. The peer-reviewed Journal welcomes outstanding original doctrinal and critical scholarship contributions to domestic and international law, comparative law, legal history, and legal philosophy. In addition, we welcome interdisciplinary contributions in areas of relevance to the law and, in particular, work that uses the techniques of the social sciences and the humanities to contribute to understanding legal studies.

In terms of its substance, this Journal combines domestic, international, and comparative law. Indeed we view the Journal as a context where these three subjects, traditionally defined as distinct fields, can enter into a productive dialogue about current changes in the world and be open to the work of all scholars wherever they may be.

In addition to Scholastica, you may submit your manuscript, CV, and other attachments to Visit our website at to learn more about the Journal.