Call for Submissions: Kentucky Law Journal vol. 112

Posted by Emily Puckett, community karma 20189
Update: We are no longer accepting submissions. Please submit your work when we reopen in February 2024. Thank you!

The Kentucky Law Journal is still accepting submissions! We are seeking articles in the 20k-32k word count range to fill our remaining slots. Our constitution does not allow us to publish student authors outside our law school, but all others are welcome to apply. Thank you, KLJ Board

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leonard hammer, community karma 31
Hi- I have an article on holy places in Israel (specifically a legal dispute over a Russian Church in the Old City of Jerusalem) - but it is short (around 9k words) - are you interested...?
about 1 year ago
Leonard, I appreciate your interest in Kentucky Law Journal! We do not accept articles of that length in our print journal. Best of luck in finding a place to publish your work! Emily
Emily Puckett – about 1 year ago
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