Call for Submissions: Fordham Urban Law Journal Volume 49.1

Posted by Senior Articles Editor, community karma 97
The Fordham Urban Law Journal is accepting articles and essays for Volume 49.1.  The Journal publishes themed Issues, this one focusing on pharmaceutical companies during the COVID-19 and how the vaccine rollout has impacted people in urban areas.  We are looking for authors to add insights about how this crisis has touched schools, courts, prisons, homeless shelters, and a host of other spaces and services.  The Journal will also accept proposals and outlines on this topic.

The Fordham Urban Law Journal has a strong history of addressing legal and public policy issues affecting urban populations across the nation and throughout the world.  The Journal is the second-oldest publication and most-cited specialty journal at Fordham Law School.  The Journal is also the second-most cited public policy law journal edited by students in the country and is one of the few journals that focuses particularly on urban legal policy.

Articles and essays for this Issue can examine any aspect of the COVID-19 crisis’ impact on vaccinations.  We are striving to explore the topic from various angles and perspectives.  We hope authors will address the multitude of issues brought about in the wake of this crisis, particularly the impact on urban communities.  We are accepting both essays over 5,000 words, and articles over 10,000 words.  One-page abstracts are due by June 1, 2021.

Articles or essays, as well as proposals and outlines, can be submitted through online platforms, such as Scholastica or Express-O, or by email directly to  Should you have any other inquiries, questions or concerns, please reach out to Erica Chan, Senior Articles Editor, at