Call for Submissions for Charleston Law Review, Volume XV Symposium Issue Spring 2021

Posted by Lindsay Nishan, community karma 31

The Charleston Law Review is placing a call for submissions of legal articles or scholarly commentaries related to this year's Symposium topic, to be published in CLR’s Symposium Issue. The Spring 2021 Symposium is titled: Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking: Protecting Children, Supporting Victims, and Seeking Justice

The Symposium will be dedicated to the nuances of the sexual abuse and exploitation laws and the navigation of new developments in these laws. Panels will discuss procedural and evidentiary issues in both criminal and civil cases involving sexual abuse and exploitation, and explore issues surrounding advocacy, reformation, and legislative efforts at a national and state level. We welcome submissions on any of the following topic areas: 

  • Advocacy / Lobbying / Legislation: Developments in the Law, Statutes of Limitation Reform, Challenges of Pursuing Legislative Changes Against Powerful Organizations
  • Legal Process: Victim Rights, Confidential Settlements, Witness and Evidentiary Difficulties, Trauma-Informed, Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Duty to Report: Attorney-Client Confidences, Religious Exemptions  
  • Institutional Abuse: Schools, Church, and Youth Organizations
  • Community and Economic Impact of Abuse and Exploitation
  • Reformation and Prevention efforts
  • Decriminalization of Prostitution
  • The Role of Civil Litigation in Abuse and Exploitation Cases