Call for Submissions: Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy

Posted by Daniel Browning, community karma 37
The Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy (DJCLPP) is now accepting submissions for our 2018-19 issue. DJCLPP examines legal questions at the intersection of constitutional litigation and public policy, serving as both a resource for practitioners and a forum for intellectual discourse. DJCLPP publishes one issue each Spring.

For the 2018-19 issue, DJCLPP particularly encourages pieces dealing with theories of standing. However, all submissions from legal scholars and practitioners are welcome. Submissions from current law students will not be considered.

All manuscript correspondence should be submitted via email to or through the Scholastica Submissions
Services. Manuscript citations must conform to the twentieth edition of The
Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. Please submit a résumé or curriculum vitae
along with your piece.

DJCLPP accepts submissions on a rolling basis, although it is best to submit by mid-September of 2018.

Please visit our website,, or email us at