Call for Submissions: Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal (Spring 2023)

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The Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal ("APLPJ") is seeking submissions for our Spring 2023 publication (Volume 24).

APLPJ is a web-based, American legal journal covering issues in Asia and the Pacific Rim. Our objectives are to disseminate legal research by law professors, legal practitioners, social scientists, economists, and students; to increase awareness of legal issues impacting the region; and to provide a forum to discuss legal topics that fall within the Journal’s geographic scope.

Submissions must be:
1. Between 8,500-35,000, with preference to submissions under 25,000 words including footnotes.
2. Of generally publishable quality in English language grammar and usage, although selective use of foreign terms is permissible where appropriate
3. Reasonably conform to the latest edition of 
The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, and must provide attribution for all sources, whether legal or factual, outside the author’s own reasoning process.

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, we invite you to do so via Scholastica or by email to We look forward to reading your submissions!
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