Call for Submissions: Albany Law Review, Miscarriages of Justice Issue

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Justice Reforms and Wrongful Convictions:

Formulation, Implementation, and Evaluation


Significant justice system reforms have been introduced throughout the nation, motivated in part to help guard against wrongful convictions. Numerous measures have been considered and/or implemented, relating to matters including:

·      Providing counsel for arrestees and defendants at their first appearance before a judge or magistrate

·      Bail reforms

·      Police interrogation of suspects, including techniques for gathering information and video-recording sessions

·      Eyewitness identification procedures

·      Discovery

·      Prosecutorial Misconduct Commissions

·      Conviction Integrity Units

·      Forensics and standards governing the admissibility of scientific evidence

·      The use of jailhouse informants

·      Post-conviction review of criminal convictions


Meaningful examination of such reform measures has often been lacking with respect to:

·      The processes, deliberations, debates, controversies, and compromises involved in their formulation

·      Challenges encountered with their implementation

·      Efforts made to evaluate their benefits, costs, and efficiencies and, as appropriate, to modify, revise, or rescind them after they have been put into practice


The Albany Law Review, in collaboration with the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice, invites the submission of articles for the 84th volume of its annual Miscarriages of Justice issue, to explore these themes. Articles that focus specifically on the: (a) formulation, (b) implementation, and/or (c) evaluation of the above or related justice system reforms are especially welcome. Prospective authors should submit an abstract describing their planned submission to, not later than September 1st. Completed articles should be submitted on or before October 1st, with later articles considered on a rolling basis. Articles focusing on legal, social scientific, and policy-related issues consistent with the overarching theme of the volume are welcome. Formatting and citations practices should conform to Bluebook guidelines. Questions should be directed to