Akron Law Review Call for Papers: Justice Scalia on Criminal Law and Procedure: Friend or Foe?

Posted by Rebecca Schreiner, community karma 37

The Akron Law Review and Akron Law’s Center for Constitutional Law invite papers regarding the impact of Justice Scalia’s opinions and judicial philosophy in the area of criminal law and procedure, including articles regarding the confrontation clause, constitutional criminal procedure, prisoners’ rights, the Eighth Amendment, trial by jury, separation of powers, and textual interpretation and originalism in the criminal arena.

The symposium issue will be published in the Akron Law Review.  Responses to papers will be published subsequently in ConLawNOW, the online companion to the Akron Law Review, which is co-edited by Akron Law’s Center for Constitutional Law. The Center for Constitutional Law is one of two national centers established by Congress in 1986 and currently in operation.  Its mission is to promote research and public discourse on matters of constitutional law.

The Akron Law Review strives to publish timely, high quality articles. For the five most recent years (2011-2015), the Akron Law Review ranked in the top 62 for student-edited, general journals in the Washington and Lee Law Library law journal rankings for “impact factor” and in the top 63 for student-edited, general journals in the category of “combined score.” This symposium issue will follow a number of strong symposium issues published recently in the Akron Law Review, including symposia on the following topics: (1) law and socio-economics (forthcoming 2016); (2) the class action after a decade of Roberts Court class action decisions (2015); (3) women in the law (2014); (4) the practice of law in the wake of Ethics 20/20, globalization, and new technologies (2014); and (5) the next generation of environmental and natural resources law (2013).

We welcome articles and essays of any length. Please submit article proposals by June 1, 2016. We request article submission by September 15, 2016.

You may submit proposals and manuscripts to the Akron Law Review by (1) submitting an electronic copy of your article to Rebecca Schreiner, Editor-in-Chief, at rjs164@zips.uakron.edu; or (2) by mailing a copy to The University of Akron School of Law, c/o Rebecca Schreiner, 150 University Avenue, Akron, OH 44325-2901. If you submit electronically, please indicate in the subject line of your e-mail that the submission is for the 2016 symposium issue.

Please direct questions to Rebecca Schreiner, Editor-in-Chief, Akron Law Review, at rjs164@zips.uakron.edu, or to Professor Tracy A. Thomas, Seiberling Chair of Constitutional Law and Director, Center for Constitutional Law, at thomast@uakron.edu.