Accepting Submissions: Law & Inequality: A Journal of Theory & Practice (University of Minnesota)

Posted by Mary Georgevich, community karma 1697
Law & Inequality: A Journal of Theory & Practice is accepting submissions for Volume 36, which we anticipate will be published in February 2018.  Law & Inequality invites articles addressing issues of inequality in law and society. We accept articles in traditional legal format and also welcome pieces in less traditional formats—e.g., fiction, essays, letters. We welcome articles from professors in law and other disciplines, and practicing attorneys and judges in all areas of law.

Articles are evaluated on the following criteria: nexus to inequality, technical quality, quality of footnotes and citations, persuasiveness, novelty, and timeliness. Although not required, a cover letter explaining the author’s inspiration for the article and their idea of the “inequality nexus” is helpful to the article selection process. 

Mary Georgevich
Lead Outside Articles Editor, Vol. 36
Law & Inequality: A Journal of Theory & Practice
University of Minnesota School of Law