Professor Alain Ndedi
(Full Professor)


Saint Monica University

Business and Public Policy

entrepreneurship, strategy, organisation, finance, business, ethis, quality management, leadership, organisational behaviour

About Me

Dr Alain A. Ndedi is a Professor of Entrepreneurship, future studies, Strategy and Business Management at the Saint Monica University. He is currently the Dean of the School of Business and Public Policy. He was previously with the Université de Technologie et de Gestion d’Afrique Centrale (ISTG-AC) and the Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship in Cameroun. Advisory board member of the Bioinfo Publications, Dr Ndedi is Founding Director of the Think Tank CABAC, and Past President of Young Entrepreneurs for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (YENEPAD). Author of 17 academic books, more than 20 book chapters and 50 peer reviewed articles in accredited journals, Dr Ndedi has lectured in many universities and higher learning institutions for the past ten years.


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