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Capital University Law School

Law Review, Executive Articles Editor

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About Me

I'm Sarah Ingles, a law student at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio, and the Executive Articles Editor for the Capital University Law Review, Volume 46. By day I split time between the ACLU of Ohio and a mid-sized law firm that practices employment law, personal injury law, collective actions, labor law, workers compensation and social security law. I have also worked for the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the American Cancer Society, and as a Financial Advisor at a local financial firm. 

In my role on the Capital University Law Review, am surrounded by a professional and well-rounded staff, associate board, and executive board. Our Law Review is led by Larae Scharader, Editor in Chief, and John Ferrel, Managing Editor. 

If you would like to submit a manuscript to us for consideration, you may do so through the Scholastica website or by submitting to us directly at Please attach to your email the following items:
  1. a copy of your resume, 
  2. a cover letter, and 
  3. the manuscript. 
If you have published with our Law Review in the past, please let us know that information as well. 

Our school is located at 303 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215. We can be reached via email at 


  • Sarah Ingles, “Legislating Against Hate: Why Ohio’s Hate Crime Statute, and the Sentencing Enhancements that Support It, Cannot Remedy Institutional Problems and Continued Bigotry,” Capital University Law Review , Coming Spring 2018.

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