Washington Law Review - Call for Submissions

Posted by Jennifer Seely, community karma 10681
Washington Law Review is now open for submissions! Following the end of our Early Exclusive Submission Track on January 24th, we have re-joined the law review submission pool and now welcome non-exclusive submissions on all topics.

WLR uses an anonymous review process to reduce implicit bias in article selection. To that end, please redact all personally identifying information from manuscripts and confine name, affiliation, biographical information, and acknowledgments to a separate CV.

WLR is particularly interested in submissions from scholars of color, submissions that address legal issues facing historically marginalized communities, and submissions that discuss legal issues specific to the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and the Ninth Circuit.

Given the particular stressors of the COVID pandemic on scholars of color and women, WLR is encouraging shorter essay submissions in addition to traditional law review articles. While law review articles situate themselves within existing research, essays start new conversations and are often more theoretical than traditional articles. WLR prefers essay submissions of 8,000 to 12,000 words, and article submissions that contain fewer than 30,000 words.

To submit, feel free to use this link for authors: https://washington-law-review.scholasticahq.com/for-authors