University of Illinois Law Review: Symposium Open Call

Posted by Michael Lathwell, community karma 29

The University of Illinois Law Review is soliciting symposium proposals for our 2025 symposium with the resulting pieces to be published in our 2026 volume. We aim to publish 5–7 articles and/or commentaries on timely and relevant legal topics in our symposium issue. While an in-person event at the College of Law is not required, we welcome proposals that include such an event. Symposium applicants should prepare a written proposal no longer than six pages. The proposal should include the following: 

1.     A description of the subject matter of the symposium; 

2.     A short discussion of the timeliness or relevance of the topic and its contribution to legal scholarship; 

3.     A proposed format, identifying the number of lead articles and/or commentaries;

4.     A preliminary list of contributors and their bios; 

5.     Whether each contributor has committed to participate; and 

6.     Whether you intend to host an in-person event and, if so, the source of funding.  

The Law Review is unable to fund an in-person event, but we can support the event with staffing and other logistics. 


Please submit a proposal in electronic format to no later than May 16, 2024. We look forward to considering your submissions. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 



Michael Lathwell

Editor-in-Chief, 2024-2025 

University of Illinois Law Review