The University of Memphis Law Review Call for Symposium Papers Addressing Education Inequality

Posted by Colin Donoghue, community karma 37

Education is the bedrock of a nation’s development, yet more than sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, America remains a country with significant barriers to equal education for all. This is true despite the fact that, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. per-student spending is 29% higher for elementary and secondary education and 81% higher for post-secondary education than the average for thirty-five developed countries. What are the best paths forward in achieving greater educational equality?

The University of Memphis Law Review invites manuscripts for publication in Volume 50, Number 4 and presentation at its March 2020 Symposium, “Closing the Gap: Solutions to Educational Inequality.” 

The Symposium welcomes a wide array of scholarly views addressing current legal and policy issues, including but not limited to, school vouchers and school choice, ongoing racial, ethnic, and class segregation, school funding and its role in promoting equity or perpetuating inequity, the impact of school disciplinary policies, and access to public schools for immigrants and refugees.  

If interested in participating, please submit a manuscript or abstract to Symposium Editor Colin Donoghue at with “Closing the Gap: Solutions to Educational Inequality” in the subject line.  The deadline for submission of a manuscript or abstract is October 1, 2019.