National Adjunct Walkout Day (NAWD)

Posted by Cory Schires, community karma 1465
Today marks the first National Adjunct Walkout Day (NAWD). Adjuncts on a campus-by-campus basis across the country are organizing walkouts  to bring attention to low wages, lack of job security, and other challenges faced by adjunct faculty members.

The MLA Executive Council and the Committee on Contingent Labor in the Profession are conducting an MLA Action for Allies event in conjunction with NAWD.

More info:

Are you participating? What are your thoughts on NAWD?  

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Brian Cody, community karma 165872
Inside Higher Ed has a retrospective on NAWD titled, Day of Protest.

While there were a few "big" walkouts it seems things like teach-ins, rallies, and talk were more prevalent.
over 9 years ago
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