Looking for manuscripts for publication in Issue 1 of October 16, 2023!

Posted by Nikita Panasiuk, community karma 137

Abstracts written in Ukrainian and English languages are accepted. The compilation of abstract texts should be done in Microsoft Word editor. Font - Times New Roman; Font size - 14; Line spacing - 1.5; Paragraph indentation - 1.25 cm; Margins - top, bottom, left, and right - 2.0 cm.

Figures and tables should be included in the work immediately after the text where they are first mentioned, or on the following page. Formatting of figures and tables should be black and white.

The recommended length of the abstract is 2-6 pages.

In the article text, references to used literary sources should be indicated by a sequential number enclosed in double square brackets, according to the reference list (position of the cited publication in the literature list, page) [5, p. 56]. The list of used literature is formatted under the title "Literature:". The list of used literary sources should be provided at the end of the article in the order of appearance of the corresponding references.