Journal of Food Law & Policy - Call for Submissions, Fall 2023 and Spring 2024

Posted by Caitlin Robb, community karma 29

The Journal of Food Law & Policy has selected articles for its upcoming Fall 2023 issue, but still has available space for additional scholarship. Furthermore, the Journal of Food Law & Policy is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2024 Issue.  

The Journal of Food Law & Policy welcomes articles in the area of food law and policy, including but not limited to, food labeling and safety, state or federal legislation, consumer interest in food policy, the environmental effects of food production, agricultural law and its impact on our food system, global food security, food assistance, nutrition policy, animal welfare, international food law, and the regulation of biotechnology and other new food technologies.

Since its inception in 2005, the Journal of Food Law & Policy is one of the nationwide leaders in recognizing the significance of studying the legal framework of our food system. The Journal of Food Law & Policy is published twice a year and is edited by dedicated law students at the University of Arkansas School of Law. 

For any questions regarding the Journal of Food Law & Policy's submission process, or about the the Journal generally, please contact Caitlin Robb, Editor-in-Chief, at or Articles can be submitted via either of the previously mentioned email as well. Submissions will also be accepted via our Scholastica page