Fordham Urban Law Journal- Call for Submissions for Colloquium (Urban Immigration)!

Posted by Ruhi Behal, community karma 31
The Fordham Urban Law Journal is accepting articles for its Volume 46, Spring 2019 Colloquium Issue.  The Journal publishes themed Issues, this one focusing on Urban Immigration.


The Fordham Urban Law Journal has a strong history of addressing legal and public policy issues affecting urban populations across the nation and throughout the world.  The Journal is second-oldest publication and the most-cited specialty journal at Fordham Law School.  Further, the Journal is the second-most cited public policy law journal edited by students in the country and is one of the few journals publishing articles directly related to urban justice and policy.

This Spring 2019 Colloquium Issue will focus on the varied aspects of urban immigration in a new era— the array of unique challenges that immigrants and cities face in an era of constantly changing and frequently unjust immigration policies.  Some appropriate topics for this Issue include addressing urban refugees and how cities adapt to the needs of refugees, asylum seekers, and noncitizens; a comparative study on different models of ‘sanctuary’ in cities and other institutions; changes in immigration organizing efforts in urban areas.  This list is in no way exhaustive, and the Journal invites you to submit any article you believe deserves attention.

The authors selected to publish in the Spring 2019 Colloquium Issue will also be invited to participate at the Colloquium, titled Remodeling Sanctuary, on November 9, 2018 at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. The panels for the Colloquium are “Cities are Havens”, “Immigration & Due Process”, “Urban Rebellion: How Cities Fight Back Against Immigration Policies,” and “Immigration Organizing.”  

 Articles can be submitted through online platforms, such as Scholastica or ExpressO, or by email directly to

Should you have any other inquiries, questions or concerns, please reach out to Ruhi Behal, Cooper-Walsh Articles & Colloquium Editor, at