Fordham Urban Law Journal: Call for Submissions

Posted by Senior Articles Editor, community karma 97

The Fordham Urban Law Journal is accepting articles and essays for its Volume 47, October 2019 Issue.  The Journal publishes themed Issues, this one focusing on Gender Violence and the Law.  The Journal will also accept proposals and outlines on this topic.

The Fordham Urban Law Journal has a strong history of addressing legal and public policy issues affecting urban populations across the nation and throughout the world.  The Journal is the second-oldest publication and the most-cited specialty journal at Fordham Law School.  Further, the Journal is the second-most cited public policy law journal edited by students in the country and is one of the few journals publishing articles directly related to urban justice and policy.

This Fall 2019 Issue will focus on the varied aspects of gender violence and the law, such as the effectiveness of legislation in addressing this issue, the way that courts provide both a path to safety and a retraumatizing experience for survivors, and how legal strategies address gender motivated violence.  Additionally, this Issue will highlight extralegal redress to domestic violence and alternatives to the criminal justice system, including mediation, arbitration, and peace circles.  Some appropriate topics for this Issue include intimate-partner violence; orders of protection; mandatory arrest; domestic homicide; prostitution; rape; and sex trafficking of women and children.  This list is in no way exhaustive, and the Journal invites you to submit any article or essay you believe deserves attention.

Articles or essays, as well as proposals, can be submitted through online platforms, such as Scholastica or Express-O, or by email directly to mtracy1@law.fordham.eduby Monday, April 15, 2019.  Should you have any other inquiries, questions or concerns, please reach out to Maura Tracy, Senior Articles Editor, at