COVID‐19 and Moroccan nursing students: A multicentre cross‐sectional survey on their related knowledge, attitudes and practices

Posted by Khulud Khudur, community karma 937



To assess knowledge, attitudes and practices of Moroccan nursing students towards COVID‐19.


Cross‐sectional study.


Data were collected using an online questionnaire consisted of demographic characteristics and 24 items about COVID‐19‐related knowledge, attitudes and practices.


A total of 1,216 nursing students participated in this study. About 82% of the participants reported that the COVID‐19 virus spreads via respiratory droplets of infected individuals. The most clinical symptoms of COVID‐19 correctly identified by participants were fever (97.6%), dry cough (92.4%), dyspnoea (82%) and fatigue (74.9%). More than 56.6% of the participants were afraid of being affected by COVID‐19. Almost all participants reported that they avoid crowded places frequently. About 93.4% of the participants declared frequently wearing face mask when leaving home, and 85.5% maintained social distancing frequently. However, only 47.4% reported that they frequently washed their hands. About 51% stated that coronavirus outbreak has considerably changed their daily routines.