CLOSING SOON: Georgia State Law Review Exclusive Review Period

Posted by Rebecca Sohnlein, community karma 53

At this time, the Georgia State University Law Review is conducting an exclusive article review for Volume 40 of the Review. Any article submitted to the Law Review between June 5th through June 16th will be evaluated for publication by June 23rd. This is an excellent opportunity for authors who wish to ascertain a publication offer before the latter half of the summer.

By submitting an article, the author agrees to accept an offer for publication, should one be extended. The author is not required to withdraw any article previously submitted for consideration elsewhere.  However, the author may not accept an offer from another journal for any article submitted to this exclusive review process unless the Review indicates that the article will not receive a publication offer. Any articles accepted through this exclusive review process will be published in the Review's second or third issues, which are slated for publication in Spring of 2024.  

If you have an article you would like to submit, please e-mail Rebecca Sohnlein and Mackenzie Miller a copy of the article and your CV at with the subject line "Volume 40 Exclusive Article Review." If you have submitted an article to the Georgia State Law Review previously, you must resubmit your article for consideration in this exclusive review. We are excited to read your submission!

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Joseph Ciliberto, community karma 127
Hello there, what is a "CV?"
about 1 year ago
It is a resume for college professors.
Harvey Gilmore – about 1 year ago
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