CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS- UC Hastings Women's Law Journal is currently seeking submissions for its Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 issues.

Posted by Melissa Herrera, community karma 37
Hastings Women's Law Journal is committed to providing a forum for alternative voices to be heard in legal discourse. As one of the leading women's law journals in the nation, we are especially interested in publishing pieces that recognize the unique concerns of communities that traditionally have been denied a voice in legal discourse. Thus, we seek articles, commentaries, essays, personal narratives, works of fictions and poetry, and book reviews that address issues of gender and that present a new and critical view on such issues.

We offer and maintain an inclusive space for feminism, race theory, queer theory, multi-culturalism, animal rights, disability rights, language rights, international human rights, criminal defendants' rights and human rights of people in prison, among others. 

We encourage you to become part of the Hastings Women's Law Journal by submitting an article for publication.

If interested, please submit articles through Scholastica or at 

We can expedite requests. Priority will be given to those who submit manuscripts by September 21, 2018 for our Winter Issue.