Call for Submissions: Texas Journal of Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Spring 2023

Posted by Maiya Werba TJCLR Submissions Editor, community karma 223
Dear Authors,

Thank you so much for all the submissions we received over the summer and this fall. Fall is now closed and we are now seeking submissions for the spring!

For spring, Volume 28 of the Texas Journal of Civil Liberties and Civil Rights is accepting submissions for its special spring issue. In partnership with the LGBT Law Section Bar of Texas, Volume 28 Issue 2 will be highlighting legal issues facing LGBTIA+ and advancing legal advocacy. Topics may be intersectional as they relate to the LGBTQIA+ communities. I invite you to submit an article. Submissions can be sent through Scholastica or by email. If you have any questions or plan to submit, please contact me, Makenzie Stuard at We look forward to working with you to develop a piece!

Best regards,

Makenzie Stuard
Submissions Editor for TJCLCR
almost 2 years ago