Call for Submissions: Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy

Posted by Marcela Varela, community karma 31

THJ  has a long tradition of publishing work that focuses on the current issues affecting the Hispanic and Latino community, both in the United States and abroad. The issues covered are broad, ranging from immigration to employment law. We welcome authors that are both Latino and non-Latino, as long as the article pertains to the Latino and Hispanic community. We have contracts with Westlaw, Kluwer, LexisNexis, and other online databases, as well as many law libraries around the United States.

           THJ is now hosting a call for articles to be published in Spring 2016. Manuscripts should be submitted through Scholastica or by sending them to and should include a short bio about the author. All submissions must include citations, preferable in Bluebook format and should not be over 60 pages long.The typical response time for articles is about 2-3 weeks, at this time.

As a student-led journal, our editors are all students at the University of Texas School of Law and have all gone through extensive training to provide the best editing available for each article. Authors that submit articles that are approved by THJ will also receive 50 copies, at no additional cost to the author, of their article in its final form.