Call for Submissions: Michigan Journal of Law Reform "Dispossessing Detroit" Symposium Issue & Caveat Online Publication

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The University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform is accepting submissions for two publications: our Symposium Issue and for Caveat, our online companion publication. 

Symposium Issue: Dispossessing Detroit

The Michigan Journal of Law Reform is seeking articles for issue 53.4, the Symposium Issue. Each year, the Journal of Law Reform hosts a symposium where academics and policymakers from across the country come together to discuss a specific legal reform. This fall, our Symposium Office is hosting “Dispossessing Detroit: How the Law Takes Property” on November 9 and 10, 2019. The goals of this Symposium are to provide historical and political context for current issues of property dispossession and to consider how governments, private industry, and private citizens can together seek reform. The Symposium will consist of two main days of events, one focused on scholarship and panel discussions and the second will consist of an opportunity to get involved by working with the United Community Housing Coalition.

The Journal seeks scholarship related to the dispossession of real property as explored through municipal bankruptcy, eminent domain, economic development, foreclosures, and urban land use. The Journal requires articles to have a reform focus and relate to domestic issues. 


The Journal is also seeking submissions for our online companion publication CaveatCaveat publishes shorter works that advocate for a domestic legal reform. We welcome pieces that are topical and aim to review and publish submitted pieces quickly.


We prefer that manuscripts be submitted via Scholastica, but also accept manuscripts via email to Please indicate which publication you wish to be considered for in your cover letter.

Thank you in advance for your submissions!

Joseph Condon, Managing Articles Editor
Mary Kate Sickel, Managing Symposium Editor
Jeffrey Levicki, Managing Online Editor
University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform