Call for Submissions - Appellate Advocacy

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On behalf of the Cumberland Law Review, the Acquisitions Committee is sponsoring a call for papers relating to developments in the field of appellate advocacy and appellate procedure. Our goal is to solicit well-written articles from legal scholars, practitioners, and interdisciplinary teams that will add value to the discussion surrounding these cutting-edge topics and issues.

The Cumberland Law Review Acquisitions Committee welcomes articles on any topic related to appellate advocacy or appellate procedure. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

·  How technological advancements will impact the filing and writing of appellate briefs.

·  Implications of the anticipated revisions of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure.

·  Issues relating to post-conviction review/process in the Eleventh Circuit.

·  Ethical issues in appellate practice—specifically, when should trial counsel “give up” an appellate argument. This was an issue surrounding the Supreme Court’s decision in Matal v. Tam.

·  General commentary on brief writing/writing for judges.

·  Preparing for appeal at the trial level.

·  Appellate standards of review: what they are, when they apply, and why they matter.

Accepted papers will be published in the Cumberland Law Review, Volume 49, Issue II—our Spring 2019 issue—as well as published online by leading legal databases including LexisNexis, HeinOnline, and Westlaw. This quick turnaround allows the Law Review to ensure that certain time-sensitive articles do not become moot during the publication process.

Manuscripts may be submitted via Scholastica or by email to

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