Call for Papers_International Journal of Legislative Drafting and Law Reform

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Posted by Shams Al Din Al Hajjaji, community karma 169

International Journal of Legislative Drafting and Law Reform is accepting submissions for Volume 6, which we anticipate will be published in November 2017.  The Journal published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing .International Journal of Legislative Drafting and Law Reform invites articles addressing any issues of legislative drafting and legal reform. This year’s issue if the journal is dedicated to the theme “Application of the ICT to Legislative Drafting.” Also, we accept articles and book reviews in traditional legal format. We solicit articles below 5000 without footnotes. We welcome articles from professors in law and other disciplines, and practicing attorneys and judges in all areas of law.

Articles are evaluated on the following criteria: nexus to inequality, technical quality, quality of footnotes and citations, persuasiveness, novelty, and timeliness. If you would like to submit a manuscript to us for consideration, you may do so through submitting to us directly at r Tonye Clinton Jaja at or  Please attach to your email the following items: 

·         a copy of your resume, 

·         a cover letter, and 

·         the manuscript. 


Deadline to submit papers is September 15, 2017